Nice, new shoes

Blue shoes, from America

Converse, classic, all star

Resting on the TV monitor

Showing Only Fools and Horses

Bit fuzzy, mind

But what can you expect

With money stretched

And trasmitters all clogged up with sand

Boom! Mirror-

You’re the man!  New stripes too

On the shoulder, new positons, new future

But I guess, or they say, it’s all just drivel.

Swivel on the swivel chair

Elbows, disarray and Aid biscuits

A crumb trail from Tunisia

50,000 people, but still…

Form in a crest around the collar

In the hair around the button

Pretty easy to brush off with a flick of the hand

So that, not even crumbs are left

But just the clean brown flesh.

Still the telephone talks of death…

Aid shortages and war and stuff

Makes you wonder, all that waste

And all those crumbs on the floor, too

Cleaner will clean them up  I guess

Someone will clean up all the mess

Just so long as we get paid


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