Death in the Bath

A woman spasms in a bathtub, arms flailing, nerves failing, brain stroking, breathlessly.

The shower curtain looks on uncaringly, the curtain rail, unsympathetically.

The bathtub doesn’t budge.  It just holds her there, the water drowns her,

It has no responsibility, it’s been through enough already.

The shampoo is knocked into the tub, but the shower gel stays steady.

Neither of them blink as the woman’s body sinks much deeper.

She starts to go still, but still, the soap just sits there,

The ceiling light is doing alright, the bathroom tiles stare –

They don’t care, neither does the shower head, it just hangs out;

The woman’s clothes, her closest friends, just sit on the radiator.

The radiator hums to itself – I don’t think they hate her

But they can’t be bothered to get up and save her.

The towels are indifferent as the woman breathes her last.

The rubber duck – doesn’t give a fuck,

But bobs above the bubbles

Of her closing breath.

It thinks


And that’s that.

The woman dies.

Uncared for.

In the bath.


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